1.1.    "AZALCLUB" software/SOFTWARE - a set of interactions and measures that provide access to MEMBERs when purchasing goods/services from PARTNERS, as well as determining the amount of rights of MEMBERs based on the terms of the PARTNER's special service to carry out certain actions within the framework of the SOFTWARE actions; 
1.2.    AZALCLUB APPLICATION / WEB SERVICE - by downloading on Android and iOS devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and entering MEMBER information, you can earn miles and use miles in the proportions specified on the website or mobile application in PARTNERS 'outlets; a mobile application service provided and managed by AZALCLUB, which provides for the purchase of a flight ticket, service or product;
1.3.    MEMBER (s) - individuals who have reached the age of 14 and become members of the PROGRAM by accepting the terms and conditions of the SOFTWARE;
1.4.    QR / Barcode - code generated by AZALCLUB application to earn MEMBER miles during shopping.
1.5.    OPERATOR - Air Miles branch of Air Group LLC, which regulates the brand and software rights of AZALCLUB on the terms and duration of the contract. 
1.6.    PARTNERS - individual entrepreneurs or legal entities that have entered into an agreement with AZALCLUB to participate in the “AZALCLUB” program, provide miles to MEMBERS as a result of purchasing goods / services and / or provide goods / services to MEMBERS in exchange for earned miles;
1.7.    AVIATION COMPANY - an aviation company where MEMBERS buy tickets for miles;
1.8.    AZAL MILES CARD - a loyalty program card issued by Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC to passengers who fly frequently through this company
1.9.    TRADE - all transactions made by MEMBERS in PARTNERS;
1.10.    FLIGHT INFORMATION - detailed information regarding the flight obtained by the MEMBER from the airline by winning a prize ticket through AZALCLUB;
1.11.    FLIGHT - any or all Flight operations of a MEMBER through a contracted airline (on a schedule);
1.12.    SOFTWARE RULES - rules governing the implementation of operations within the SOFTWARE and the current (valid) version of the SOFTWARE posted on the official website of the SOFTWARE or in the mobile application. 
1.13.    MILE - a unit of points earned and spent by MEMBERS in exchange for purchases under the terms determined by PARTNERS or AZALCLUB within the PROGRAM. Miles are not and cannot be considered securities, nor can they be inherited, nor are they entitled to be received in cash equivalents;
1.14.    MEMBER Mile Account - a technical account provided by the OPERATOR to systematize information on miles collected and used under the PROGRAM. The Mile account is not a bank account;
1.15.    Transfer Miles - Miles transferred from a PARTNER's mileage account to a MEMBER's Mileage account in order to attract PROGRAM MEMBERS and increase customer satisfaction;
1.16.    VOUCHER - an electronic code / barcode that a MEMBER can get from the AZALCLUB application in exchange for the miles collected and provide the PARTNER with a service or product;
1.17.    MAIN CAMPAIGN - A campaign that determines the earnings ratios of MEMBERS.
1.18.    PRIVATE CAMPAIGN - Special Campaigns unlike the Main campaign, it is a campaign that determines the earnings ratios of MEMBERS for a certain period and product.
1.19.    DEVICE (S) - POS device provided by AZALCLUB or owned by PARTNER, devices equipped with Android system, etc. Other equipment supporting AZALCLUB application;
1.20.    SURVEY - Questions developed by AZALCLUB or PARTNER for evaluating products, goods or services purchased by MEMBER at the end of the process based on purchases from PARTNER;
1.21.    MILE PACKAGE - mile package presented by AZALCLUB to PARTNER;
1.22.    WEBSITE - internet address belonging to AZALCLUB, which provides information on PARTNERS, RULES, earning miles, spending miles, SHOPPING with miles and all campaigns; 
1.23.    RECEIPT - An electronic document sent to the MEMBER after the completion of the purchase transaction, reflecting the details of the transaction. Receipt is the basis for earning miles to a MEMBER. Claims related to the loading of the mile are investigated on the basis of the receipt.
1.24.    OTP code - is a 4 (four) digit confirmation code sent to the MEMBER via SMS during any verification operation. Transfer of this password to a third party is prohibited.
1.25.    AZALCLUB CARDS - all virtual or plastic cards issued by AZALCLUB;

2.1.    Here, the MEMBER agrees to be a member of AZALCLUB, declares and accepts that he / she has read and understood the SOFTWARE RULES in full, approved all the terms and will act in accordance with the rules to be announced for AZALCLUB membership and services provided in this membership. 
2.2.    MEMBER accepts that SOFTWARE RULES are subject to changes by prior notice by the OPERATOR. If a MEMBER refuses to accept these changes, he / she may terminate his / her membership by notifying the OPERATOR of the unilateral termination of membership. Failure to notify by a MEMBER means accepting the changes.
2.3.    A person wishing to become a MEMBER must download the AZALCLUB application and enter all the codes and passwords sent to him by the OPERATOR in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the OPERATOR and PARTNERS. In order to complete all procedures flawlessly and correctly, a MEMBER must keep wireless and / or mobile internet and / or SMS communication of smart (smart) devices open with the application, as well as activate location services. In addition, the device's camera must be in working condition to scan QR and / or barcodes and gain mileage. AZALCLUB assumes no responsibility if the MEMBER fails to earn a mile due to the above conditions or other problems and does not benefit from all other CAMPAIGNS, and the MEMBER cannot make any claim for such reasons. 
2.4.    MEMBER, personal information required for membership when using the services provided by AZALCLUB, spatial information obtained when using the website / mobile application, participated surveys and campaign information used by AZALCLUB for designation of material and moral benefits. In order to inform the MEMBER about the benefits provided by PARTNERS, it is necessary to send shopping and personal information by PARTNERS to AZALCLUB and this information to be processed by AZALCLUB. The MEMBER acknowledges and declares his/her approval of the disclosure of such information.
2.5.    If the GSM number specified by the MEMBER during the initial installation of AZALCLUB APPLICATION is subsequently revoked or changed, the rights and privileges acquired by the MEMBER up to that date may be revoked. It is important that the MEMBER informs the OPERATOR about any changes in the GSM number. The OPERATOR may transfer the existing miles and other rights of the MEMBER to the new GSM number after conducting an appropriate assessment. The main point here is whether you have previously registered with AZALCLUB via a new GSM number. It is not allowed to combine or change two members with two different GSM numbers.
2.6.    A MEMBER can use only one loyalty program with the same PARTNER.

3.1.    MEMBERS will earn a mile under the terms determined / to be determined on the basis of purchases from PARTNERS in the AZALCLUB program.
3.2.    Mile earning terms will be determined by the relevant PARTNER depending on the time, product and point of sale. 
3.3.    The coefficient, amount, conditions and duration of the acquisition of miles are determined by the relevant PARTNERS with the approval of the OPERATOR. Different amounts of miles can be gained from different operations. However, there may be operations that do not earn any miles. 
3.4.    Mile earned may vary among members depending on the type of card. For example, MEMBER "X" can earn 1 mile by spending 3 AZN on one PARTNER, while MEMBER "Y" can earn 3 miles by spending 3 AZN on one PARTNER. Miles earned from PARTNERS can be fixed; but some miles may vary depending on the month, week, day, or even hour of the relevant expenditure. Similarly, the amount of miles to be obtained from a transaction may vary, including the location of the purchase and the products purchased
3.5.    The PARTNER has the right to set a limit on the maximum number of miles a MEMBER can earn, both for a certain period of time and for the entire period of his participation in the PROGRAM. Information on limits is reflected in the terms and conditions of the campaign. If the number of accumulated miles reaches a certain limit, the MEMBER may not earn miles from that PARTNER for a specified period.

4.    How to earn miles from shopping 
4.1.    MEMBERS first get acquainted with the website or PARTNERS active in the mobile application.
4.2.    Prior making a purchase, a MEMBER must verify that the PARTNER has an active MILE PACKAGE. AZALCLUB does not guarantee earning miles to a MEMBER in any way if the PARTNER does not have an active MILE PACKAGE.
4.3.    The MEMBER must notify the PARTNER of its membership and confirm that the device is active.
4.4.    Prior to completing the payment, the MEMBER must submit to the PARTNER the code or QR code generated by the AZALCLUB application. If the MEMBER's mobile device is not active during the operation, the MEMBER must provide the PARTNER with a mobile number and enter the OTP code sent via SMS into the AZALCLUB application within 24 (twenty four) hours.
4.5.    In order to perform this operation, a camera access must be allowed in AZALCLUB APPLICATION. 
4.6.    A MEMBER can register expenses by scanning a QR code during the day. The MEMBER must keep the electronic receipt sent to the MEMBER until the mile operation is completed.
4.7.    If it is not possible to transfer the mile(s) during the purchase, the MEMBER submits a cash receipt and fiscal receipt to AZALCLUB within 72 hours in order to get mile(s) after the completion of the PURCHASE.
4.8.    The OPERATOR is not responsible for the goods purchased under the SOFTWARE. Any disagreement between a MEMBER and a PARTNER shall be settled independently by them.

5.1.    MEMBERS can get products from the WEBSITE with the miles they have collected. In order to do this, the MEMBER must enter the WEBSITE and select the desired product, and then enter the OTP code sent via SMS to the WEBSITE, indicating the code or mobile number created in the AZALCLUB APPLICATION to complete the payment.
5.2.    The amount of miles a MEMBER will pay for a product purchased from the WEBSITE is calculated on the basis of a fixed ratio.
5.3.    Miles deleted from a MEMBER's account during SHOPPING on the WEBSITE are not refundable.
5.4.    When a MEMBER pays via a mobile number, an electronic receipt is sent via SMS to the MEMBER's mobile number.
5.5.    When a member receives a product from the WEBSITE, he must make sure that his device and internet connection are in order to allow him/her to complete the operation. AZALCLUB is not responsible for the loss of miles due to the reasons caused by the MEMBER, and in this case the MEMBER cannot claim any miles.

6.1.    MEMBER can obtain a VOUCHER by entering the campaigns that give PARTNERS a chance to get a coupon in AZALCLUB application.
6.2.    In return for the VOUCHER, the miles are removed from the MEMBER's balance according to the agreed ratio.
6.3.    A MEMBER may receive one or more vouchers in accordance with the terms of the campaign set by AZALCLUB or PARTNER.
6.4.    The terms and conditions set out in the Rules and Conditions section of the campaign for obtaining VOUCHERs apply unequivocally to vouchers issued under this campaign.
6.5.    VOUCHERs may be limited in time and / or number.
6.6.    A MEMBER must present the code / barcode on the VOUCHER to the PARTNER in order to redeem goods or services in exchange for the VOUCHER.
6.7.    Deleted miles are non-refundable for services or products obtained for VOUCHERs as well as from  PARTNERS by vouchers. 
6.8.    When a MEMBER wants to replace defective goods or services purchased through MEMBER VOUCHERS, the PARTNER replaces those goods or services with goods or services of the same range and quality.

7.1.    A MEMBER can transfer the collected miles to AZAL MILES card by adding the existing AZAL MILES card in the AZALCLUB application.
7.2.    It is not possible to return the miles transferred from AZALCLUB card to AZAL MILES card.
7.3.    Transfer of miles from AZALCLUB card to AZAL MILES card is carried out on the basis of the agreed ratio.
7.4.    Completion of the operation of transferring miles from AZALCLUB card to AZAL MILES card is carried out after 00:00 hours.

8.1.    MEMBER can get a ticket from AZALCLUB application by entering personal information and flight information such as name, surname, date of birth, passport number, passport validity date, etc.
8.2.    MEMBER agrees to share personal information and flight information entered in order to obtain a ticket from Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC and third party service providers to secure the flight ticket.
8.3.    MEMBER can get only air tickets provided by Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC in the AZALCLUB application.
8.4.    It is not possible to return tickets purchased with miles in the AZALCLUB application.
8.5.    It is impossible to change or return the ticket received by providing incorrect information by the MEMBER.
8.6.    When purchasing a ticket, the amount of miles to be deducted from the MEMBER's mile balance is calculated on the basis of a set ratio.
8.7.    Miles that will be removed from the member's balance when purchasing a ticket are not refundable.
8.8.    When purchasing a ticket, a MEMBER must make sure that his device and internet connection are in order and that he has completed the transaction. AZALCLUB is not responsible for the loss of miles due to the reasons caused by the MEMBER, and in this case the MEMBER cannot claim any miles.
8.9.    The amount of miles to be removed from a member's mile balance in exchange for an air ticket may change instantly depending on the type of membership and time.
8.10.    Through AZALCLUB application, a MEMBER can get a ticket only for himself/herself.

9.1.    The validity period of miles is 3 (three) calendar years. EXAMPLE: If a MEMBER starts earning Miles from September 2021, the validity period of these Miles will expire on 31.12.2023.
9.2.    Unused miles until the expiration date specified in clause 9.1 of the Agreement will be removed from the MEMBER's account.

10.1.    The time period of transfer of miles to the MEMBER's account is agreed with the PARTNER. 
10.2.    When the PARTNER selects the miles to be active after 14 days, the miles collected by MEMBERS are activated in their accounts after 14 days. 
10.3.    In the event that a Member subsequently cancels any process that results in the acquisition of a mile, or if these processes are canceled for any reason, the miles earned under that process will also be canceled at the Member's expense. 
10.4.    Miles returned on transactions made during special campaigns will be calculated based on the nominal value of the mile in force during that campaign.

11.1.    Miles are canceled for the following reasons, including the expiration date. The miles of a Member are considered invalid and cannot be used if one or more of the following occurs. In this case, the MEMBER cannot demand miles from the OPERATOR.
a)    Cancellation of an operation that provide miles:
•    Cancellation of sales operation that provide miles;
•    Cancellation of the transfer operation completed by the PARTNER.
b)    Abolition of unjustly earned miles (in ways that do not suit general and special circumstances or are not based on the principles of good faith);
c)    Cancellation of GSM number issued by MEMBER at the beginning of AZALCLUB application; 
d)    Death of the MEMBER;
e)    When the MEMBER requests that the OPERATOR cannot use the MEMBER's personal data, cannot communicate or delete his / her personal data from the system;
f)    Termination of the PROGRAM RULES by a MEMBER or OPERATOR for any reason or at any time.
11.2.    If any suspicious situation is observed during the acquisition of MILES and the purchase of air tickets with these miles, the OPERATOR has the right to reset the MEMBER to zero and freeze or cancel his/her membership. In such cases, the OPERATOR may apply to all legal proceedings against the MEMBER and the MEMBER will be liable for all possible damages. In addition, will be deprived of all rights such as MILEs, membership status, etc. earned by the MEMBER during membership period.

By adopting the SOFTWARE RULES, PRIVACY AND PERSONAL PROTECTION POLICY, in order to provide you with various benefits under the SOFTWARE and to provide you with all kinds of electronic communication and other communication messages for private advertising, sales, marketing, questionnaires, reservation privileges and similar purposes you consent to the collection, storage, use and transfer of your personal information, which you voluntarily share. Your personal information will be shared with OPERATOR, domestic and foreign third parties with whom the OPERATOR has a contractual relationship.

13.1.    The rules applied to the AZALCLUB software (including all or part of these terms or conditions) may be changed in whole or in part at any time by the OPERATOR. Changes to the terms and conditions are notified to all MEMBERS on the AZALCLUB website / AZALCLUB APPLICATION. Continuation of the use of the PROGRAM by MEMBERS will be considered as acceptance of the existing conditions and rules.
13.2.    The OPERATOR reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures set forth in these terms and conditions. The amended terms and conditions replace all previously published terms and conditions related to the application of AZALCLUB.
13.3.    MEMBERS can leave the AZALCLUB application at any time. The OPERATOR may cancel the SOFTWARE RULES at any time and does not have to justify it. 
13.4.    The OPERATOR reserves the right to suspend membership in any of the following cases and is not responsible for the canceled MEMBERSHIP of a MEMBER:
13.4.1.    If a MEMBER contradicts any of the general membership conditions of the AZALCLUB program or the general rules of AZALCLUB; 
13.4.2.    When MEMBERS provide substantially false information;
13.4.3.    In cases where the MEMBER is harassing, verbally or physically harassing OPERATOR's employees.
13.5.    The OPERATOR is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the suspension or change of the AZALCLUB application, as well as from the services provided to MEMBERS in accordance with the PROGRAM.

14.1.    If the execution of the SOFTWARE is affected by force majeure cases, the OPERATOR shall not be liable for failure to fulfill its obligations under these Rules. Force majeure cases include events that are not controlled by AZALCLUB, do not occur intentionally or as a result of negligence, and are unpredictable. These include wars or revolutions, floods, epidemics, epizootics, quarantines, embargoes, state and government decisions, and so on.  

15.1.    These SOFTWARE RULES are valid indefinitely and remain in effect until terminated under the terms of the proposed termination.
15.2.    A MEMBER may terminate these Rules at any time without giving any grounds and without any obligation to the OPERATOR.

16.1.    Disputes between the Parties shall be settled by mutual agreement in accordance with these SOFTWARE RULES. Disputes not resolved by mutual consent shall be settled by the Courts of the Azerbaijan Republic in accordance with the current legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.
16.2.    Relations not regulated by these Rules shall be regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
16.3.    The OPERATOR will consider the records of the relevant service providers and PARTNERS (e-mail records, as well as audio and media records, etc.) as conclusive evidence in resolving any disputes arising out of these Rules. 

17.    Additional provisions
17.1.    The OPERATOR is not responsible for any third party interference to the account of the MEMBER.
17.2.    The Operator reserves the right to unilaterally transfer its rights and obligations under the AZALCLUB Program to a third party. In this case, the MEMBER accepts and agrees to continue with the third party.
17.3.    The maintenance works are planned to be carried out mainly at night. However, some technical issues may be resolved by the OPERATOR at noon without prior notice to the MEMBER. If the member's mile acquisition operation is not completed due to system upgrades, it can be restored upon request of the MEMBER.
17.4.    The OPERATOR shall not bear any liability for miles which have not been recorded at the account of the MEMBER due to technical reasons and/or reasons depending on the PARTNERS which he/she must have earned from procurement. At the same time, the OPERATOR should make every effort to add the miles on the MEMBER's account.
17.5.    The OPERATOR does not guarantee the MEMBER's acquisition of miles from the PARTNERS. A MEMBER is required to specify the miles to be earned in connection with the process before making a payment. A MEMBER cannot hold the OPERATOR accountable for not earning a mile or earning less than expected after the payment or process is completed.
17.6.    MEMBER can apply to or Customer Service Center at any time.